Rhythms of Rebellion: The Black Vultures Unleash ‘Treat Me Like An Animal’ and Gear Up for a Rock-Infused 2024

The Black Vultures, an energetic four-piece rock band from the heart of the Gwent Valleys in South Wales, has been making waves with their debut single, ‘Treat Me Like An Animal,’ released on November 4, 2023. Their music, brimming with the energetic pulse of rock and the soulful undertones of blues and grunge, is an homage to their musical influences such as Queens of the Stone Age, The Black Keys, Velvet Revolver, Stone Temple Pilots, Them Crooked Vultures, Black Sabbath, and The Black Crowes.

The band’s lineup showcases the vocal and rhythm guitar skills of Huw Williams, the lead guitar of Aled Owen Jones, Mitch Casey on bass and backing vocals, and Brandon Pritchard commanding the drums. Their debut single has been described as a light-hearted take on the imbalances within relationships, metaphorically likening one party to a physical animal, wrapped in an anthemic and upbeat catchy arrangement that is characteristic of their sound.

‘Treat Me Like An Animal’ was self-released and is accompanied by a band video recorded by local videographer Mike Banwell, showcasing their dedication to engaging with their audience through not only their music but also their visual storytelling. The Black Vultures have been commended for their relentless performances throughout 2023, playing across Wales and engaging crowds with their growing showmanship.

Looking ahead, The Black Vultures have plans to release their follow-up single ‘Never Say’ in January 2024, with an accompanying video, and a third single scheduled for release in March 2024. An EP is also on the horizon, being recorded with Welsh-based producer Chris Peet at North House Studio in Ebbw Vale, hinting at a prolific year ahead for the band.

For fans and followers, The Black Vultures maintain an active social media presence on Facebook and Instagram, offering glimpses into their music and updates on their latest endeavors.

    For those looking to delve deeper into the burgeoning rock scene of South Wales and discover the anthemic tracks of The Black Vultures, you can explore their music and journey through our social media and website.

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