Shadows Calling: A Rising Alternative Rock Band

Shadows Calling is a new alternative rock band that emerged during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. Founded by Darren O’Keeffe, a native of Mitchelstown, the band features a talented lineup of musicians from Cork and Galway.

Darren, who had never written his own original songs before, began creating music during the pandemic, leading to the formation of Shadows Calling. He also plays rhythm guitar in the band.

Jen Vaughan, Darren’s sister, is the lead vocalist of the band. She has over 20 years of experience in the music industry, having fronted various bands in the past, such as Inhale the Fall. Scott McGowan, a guitarist from Cork, is the lead guitarist of the band. He has also played in several other bands, including Reverend Green Goes to Jail.

Barry English, a gifted drummer from Cork, and Mike Jordan, a talented bass player from Galway, complete the band’s lineup. Both of them have played in several other bands over the years, with Barry also being part of Bodydrinkers, and Mike also playing with The Magnapinna.

Shadows Calling’s music is a blend of grunge, metal, and hard rock. All the lyrics are co-written by Darren O’Keeffe and Scott McGowan, while the music is a collective effort of the band members.

After a photo shoot with North Cork photographer Murat Terzi, Shadows Calling recorded their debut EP, Spirit Shifter, which includes four tracks: “Eraser,” “Spirit Shifter,” “Midnight’s Eye,” and “Our Own Escape.” The EP was produced by John Murphy, also known as Floss of the band For Ruin, at his studio in Kanturk. It was then mastered by Marco Tervonen of the Swedish band The Crown.

With their impressive debut EP and unique blend of alternative rock, Shadows Calling is definitely a band to watch out for. Their music promises to take listeners on a journey, with its hard-hitting sound and captivating lyrics.

The band has already gained a following on social media now they are preparing for their first live performance. Their first live gig will be on May 25th in Cork, Ireland, and will serve as the ep’s launch night.

Shadows Calling’s future plans include the release of a full-length album as well as live performances. There’s little doubt that this growing band will continue to create waves in the Irish music scene because of their passion for music and dedication to their art.

Overall, Shadows Calling is an exciting addition to the alternative rock genre, with their unique sound and talented musicians. Keep an eye out for them in the coming years, as they are sure to make their mark on the music industry.

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